Hi, I’m Kevin Slaby and welcome to my website!

Here you will see some of my passions and hard work displayed in the forms of photography and hand painted oils. I got started late in life but have always admired what emotions an artist can induce from a painting or photograph and I always had a desire to produce such images myself.

Whether it is learning a new style of photography or trying a new technique in painting I love creating artwork that I enjoy looking at and I hope you do too.

More about me:

I was born in the Midwest, able to experience all the freedom that a childhood can offer while living the country life. As an adult I developed a passion for traveling abroad and from these travels my appreciation for collecting art was born. During my world travels the artwork I collected gave me an idea to experiment with different styles and techniques of photography which I still continue to experiment and learn today.

From my passion for art I eventually turned my photography into something more specific, something I transform into a creation in oil. Along with taking beautiful photos I also use them as a basis to expand the artistic thought into beautiful paintings that can take months to complete before they are deemed complete.